2. Yes please.

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    Drinking is bad, feelings are worse. (larger)

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    Springfield, Tim Doyle

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    Scars & Stripes, D*Face

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    weekend getaway in Yosemite 

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  7. OK, was this weekend’s celebrity iCloud hack scary enough for you?  If you have nude photos on your phone or iPad, you might be thinking that it could have been you.  And it could have. This is why we created DragNSync.  Download it here:


    Keep your stuff out of the cloud - “cloud” is just a term for “server owned by somebody else.”  

    And while we’re at it, don’t click on those hacked photos.  There’s plenty of sexy stuff all over the web that’s supposed to be there.  Better yet, make your own, and keep it safe with DragNSync for iPad

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    This is important


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    Controllers, Javier Laspiur

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